Monday, November 2, 2009

Voodoo recap time!

I went to the Voodoo Experience at City Park this weekend and it was great and I want to tell you, my non-existent readers, ALL about it.

This was my original plan:

5:40 The Black Keys

Got there in time to see a little bit, wasn't anything particularly memorable considering I was there for like five minutes.

6:00 MyNameIsJohnMichael

Left The Black Keys early to make it to MyNameIsJohnMichael, and they were finished already! They must have played just a thirty-minute set or something.

8:00 Justice

Really truly totally awesometastically awesome! So much fun and awesome.... DISCO! DISCO DISCO! Was an hour and a half, couldn't hear a thing afterwards.

8:50 Fischerspooner

Didn't get to see. :( Was over by the time Justice finished.

1:15 Black Lips

Missed. :(

3:15 Mates of State

Aaaah! So great, so happymaking, so adorable and just looooooove. God. They were really amazing.

4:50 Gogol Bordello

Fun, but only song I knew was "Start Wearing Purple!" and we had left the crowd by then. Still pretty awesome.

6:30 Wolfmother

I think we just didn't feel like seeing them.

7:35 Jane's Addiction

Haha completely ridiculous. We left about 8:15, we didn't really feel like staying for the whole set.

9:00 KISS

Hahah, no. We didn't wait around for them.

2:15 The Pogues

Play practice... sigh.

3:15 Widespread Panic

Play practice...

4:15 Squirrel Nut Zippers

Play practice.

5:45 The Flaming Lips

So awesome!!!! Due to cellular complications I ended up alone during this show but it was just so great it was like a giant party and Wayne Coyne was in a hamsterball and everybody was happy and also they came out of a vagina at the beginning.

7:00 Lenny Kravitz

Did not see due to parents wanting my friends home early. Stupid.

Anyway I am at school now and about five thousand times less happy.


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